Monday, October 1, 2007

They have NO Clue!

My man is currently in Wyoming doing one of the things most primative and the one thing that is held most sacred among most men. He is hunting Mule Deer to add jerkey in our freezer and more than likely - if the rack even comes close to Boone & Crocket standards, I'll have another head mounted on the basement wall. Please hun - don't take into consideration that our cat won't dare even show it's head in the basement any longer.... Please - oh Please - can you blow another deer to smitherenes? We so do need another dead carcass on our wall.
Seriously, I don't mind them but our cat really did enjoy hanging out in the basement in order to watch all the critters outside our sliding glass door. We will often catch her peering, longingly down the stair way. Her little whiskers twitching and her long tail ever so slowly moves from side to side. She has at times been brave enough to make her way to the landing but that's as far as it gets. One sound and pffffft - up the stairs and under the bed for the rest of the day. While Thunder longs for the day she doesn't have to worry about "predators" in the basement, I on the other hand enjoy jerkey and steaks. I do have to admit though I can only take so much on the steaks, as I do not have the biggest palate for venison. Especially if it's really gamey.
While Mark was driving his way through the darkness to Wyoming - I was out whooping it up with the MN Tri Club and their end of year dinner. It was a fabulous time and it was a chance to meet some new triathletes. This picture is of myself and a girlfriend.(who by the way has sneeky speed) The helmets and signs are for one of the tri club members who had recently been involved in a bike accident. It sounds like it was one of those "quick" rides that he chose not to wear a helmet. From what I have heard though, he is doing well and is expected to have a complete recovery. The crutches are compliments of me and they are no prop.
I'm making my move this week to go crutch free. I have been trying over the weekend and the pain was a little more than expected. Today however the pain was a little more tolerable when I walked without them today at work. (1/2 day) Tomorrow - I'm living on the edge and leaving them in the car and goin' all day baby! (well, at least I'll try) I have been spinning 10-15 minute increments with no resistance and should be able to hit the pool in another 2 weeks. Oh - will that pool be a WELCOME sight. Most of the time I dread going to the pool - but sittin' on the couch gaining 5 lbs/day just WATCHING the Foodnetwork is not working too well for me. It will be 3-6 mo's though before I can even THINK about hittin' the pavement with my running shoes. While running is probably my least favorite of triathlon, I miss the time it has afforded me to process the days/weeks events. While the short runs have never allowed me much time to think about more than the hills/path in front of me - the long grueling runs are the ones that allowed me to sort out the events that unfolded the days prior. Those extra long runs are also special time between me and the "big guy." (or big girl - whichever you prefer). Those are the runs I miss most since I really have not committed to a church since I've moved to the Twin Cities. I'm not sure why I haven't but maybe this down time will be reason enough to take the search a little more seriously.
I'm enjoying my new job. The people are very nice. I'm still working my way through the myriad of paperwork and orientation which is expected for the first few days of a new company but am hopeful I can begin to delve into work shortly. I'm happy with my decision to move.



JekuL said...

How funny, I just posted about hunting, lol! Sounds like you're starting to feel better though, that's great news. Let me know if your guy gets anything.

Kevin said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I could also go for some jerky and a good roast. MMMMMMM.