Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Feeling Fiesty!

It's been awhile since I posted last. Sorry Kevin! I know you've been looking for some neeeeeew material.
Let me start by saying that for NOT being able to train a whole lot - I've been busier than all get out. I have been following my PT orders - and I have also been trying to get back into weight lifting - which has always been my favorite past time. (triathlon comes in a near 2nd) It feels great to get into the gym and do sets of four to failure. I can't do that on all my excercises - say the bench press - unless I ask some unsuspecting person at the gym - and typically I just don't like to bother anyone - so I tend to push it right to "below" failure. That one last rep that you can barely manage to get back on the rack - while some guy across the room is placing a $50 bet on whether or not it'll end up on my chest. Yeah - that's what get's me going. Tomorrow night it's biceps for sure....and if I'm lucky - I won't be able to straighten my arms by the time I walk out of the gym. I love lifting. I've been riding a bit on my bike still and have added some swimming, coupled with aqua running, so at least I'm getting in the some triathlon specific work outs.
I rec'd great news(that makes me nervous for some reason)from my surgeon on Monday. I CAN START RUNNING AGAIN! WOO HOOOOOOOOOO! That excitement lasted all of two seconds before I began chewing my fingernails w/ nervousness - and telling the Dr. "Uhm - that makes me nervous. Are you for real? Do you REALLY think I'm ready? I mean REALLLLLY?" Dr. Larson - Yes. "Ohhhhhh, I didn't think I'd get the go ahead until January or February. Are you SURE?" Dr. Larson - "yes. - but that doesn't mean to go out and run 13 miles...." Tiffany - (eyes wide open w/ a horrified look) "Are you kidding me? No flippin' way! Uhm - it will be like 1/2 mile on SOFT terrain (well as soft as you can get in MN right now) and then it will be a run/walk for that 1/2 mile.....oh - and no more than a 10% increase each week. That's my plan. What do you think Dr. Larson?" Dr. Larson - "it sounds like a good plan." Yeah - so I think I'll start that in January......for now I think no impact/no resistance for starters/on the elyptical sounds 'bout that?"
Dr. Larson - (holding back laughter)"I think that sounds practical too." "Good luck - see you in six months." I was all smiles the rest of the way home and I think I've told everyone that will even look at me - "Hey - I got the clearance to RUN! Isn't that fabulous?" Next summer when I'm complaining about running and tell you all about how much I suck at running etc, etc. - Kindly direct me back to this post - please.
Last week I got the wild hair to make some truffles - so I made a bee-line for my favorite website - The Food Network and searched for truffles. I found what was a relatively easy recipe for ganache/truffles. I learned from a few mistakes and know what I'll do differently next time. While the recipe was pretty easy - the process was just tedious. But they were gooooood. Too good to keep at home, so both Mark and I took a few to work. I swore I would never make them again - but I've already decided to make some for Thanksgiving as dessert(more than likely a double batch) and I'll probably make some for work again - oh and I'll probably make some for everyone at my Chiro/massage therapist. I LOVE to bake, I have simply not done a lot because of time constraints - coupled with the fact that I would probably weigh 300 lbs by now if I did. Oh but how I wish I had room for a kitchen aide w/ all the special attachments, in my kitchen. (big sigh)
Work has been going well. There is tons of ambiguity - but I see lots of opportunity. Some days are a little more frustrating that others - but that's life. I like it and I like the people I work with so far. There are a few of us who are cubbie neighbors and when everyone is there - we have a few minutes each day of some serious harassing and sometimes very serious conversations. Yesterday, SOMEHOW the conversation became, "who are your fab five?" Meaning - who are the actors/actresses that if given the opportunity - would be considered "freebies" with no contesting from your significant other. Anyone who has seen the sitcom FRIENDS, knows what this is all about - but I'm telling you - I don't know that I will ever laminate that list. It changes from time to time.....and the list is kinda/sorta six, rather than five. My list? Clive Owen(actor), Colin Ferrel(actor), Anderson Cooper(journalist, author, reporter), Jeff O'Neill(Center for Toronto Maple Leafs)and Keith Tkachuk(Left Wing for the St. Louis Blues). My sixth however, is considerably older than I - but he is the epitome of bad ass - and one of my favorite actors ever......Robert Dinero. Hmmmmmm, it's a toss up of whether or not he'd make the freebie list - but what I would give to sit down and have a long conversation with him. WOW. Really though - that's all just fun talk cuz there's nobody who can replace my best friend and love of my life, even temporarily. In the words of Christina Aguilera, "Ain't No Other Man."
It's hard to think that Thanksgiving is next week - and Christmas is right around the corner. There's a few things on the Tiffy Tuffy's Xmas list - but the highest on my list is a donation in my name to the Wildlife Alliance & Second Harvest Heartland and World Wildlife Fund. Obviously there are tons of great charities in our world. Probably too many to choose from. But I am blessed with health, love and basic comforts. I have ALL I need and then some. It's important to give back not only to the community but to the world. I used to volunteer at a homeless center back in WI and it was an eye opening experience. Since I've moved to the TC area - I just haven't found the right "fit" for me personally in order to volunteer. When Anderson Cooper's Planet In Peril was showcased on CNN - along with all the other shows I watch on the Discovery Channel talking about Global Warming and the impacts to animals- I thought my actions needed to change somehow. Maybe in my family of young and impressionable neices & nephews (not really - but that's a whole other story) maybe I can spur something in one or more of them to help give back....and so on....and so forth. Don't get me wrong - there will be some 2XU and other work out related paraphanalia on my list....
On that note - I hope you are thankful and blessed enough to stop and think what you might do with a few extra dollars. Will you make a difference?

Happy Thanksgiving all -


Kevin said...

I am glad that you are able to run again. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Steve Gunther, Excelsior, MN said...

Running ...already!? Awesome. Now you can sign up for the Polar Plunge and do the run beforehand with everyone!
Steve G

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Its going on two months. Where have you been hiding?