Monday, May 28, 2007

Great weekend of training

I did my first duathlon of the season while developing bronchitis and raced in 40 degree temps. Not one of my briter moments - but hey - the bright side is that my first run split was better than last year - the bad news is - my overall time was :24 seconds slower than last year. Bummer.
So - I was really looking forward to this weekend to get in some well needed training. Since I've been sick I simply have not felt like training and have headed straight for bed almost every night this past week. Saturday, I did my first two hour bike in pretty cool and windy conditions. Came home....soaked in a hot tub.....slept for an hour.....headed out for a two hour run. While it was the best run, I did it and it felt GREAT! Sunday, I met my coach and teammates and headed out to the Afton hills. I was excited with anticipation as I've heard the hills out there are horrendous. First, however, we did a little two hour runs through the hills and trails of Afton State Park.
Now - can I ask you - have you ever heard someone have an asthma attack? Have you ever caught a fish and watched it try and breathe once you've pulled it into the boat - gapping for air? Yeah - if you've seen either one of those, or both, you can invision what I must have looked like and sounded like. It brought me to tears and I felt so weak. At 1 1/2 hours I was ready to call it quits but my a new friend of mine piped up and said - no - we have to do two hours. Thanks Michelle. I needed that. Onward and upward. (literally)
After that, we biked for about an hour and hills were everything and more I expected and made me feel good for getting my butt out of bed that morning. So good - I bought a season pass and I'm going back for more.....hopefully.....

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