Monday, August 6, 2007

My extended family

Now that IMLP is checked off on the List of things to complete this summer, I am looking forward to IM MOO. This got me to thinking....

A few years ago I went to the inaugural IM Wisconsin event by myself - knowing no one. None of my friends were interested in joining me and at that point in my life - I was practically afraid of my own shadow let alone going somewhere by msyelf and being forced to meet new people. I spent all day there - taking in the sites and reveling in the thought that I wanted to do this thing called triathlon.

Now, we go to IM knowing so many acquaintances, friends and local triathletes that it's like showing up for a family reunion. There's always those family members you are particularly close with and those that you've heard of but not seen or
talked too much - but still have a connection with. You see them and suddenly you have a big smile on your face and you cheer for them all the same. The same goes for the local races. It's like showing up to a family get-together. I feel very fortunate for those I've had the opportunity to meet and call friend.

While I'm not AS shy as I used to be, I'm still a little overwhelmed sometimes at the thought of meeting new people. I've learned from some of my extended family though how to be more social and quite frankly - having such wonderful family makes it easy to FEEL comfortable. Sort of like being wrapped in your favorite blankie...

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